Hacked: Change Your Password Hacked: Change Your Password

If you’re one of the millions of people who play StarCraft 2, Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft then you may want take note: has been hacked. As the hub for most Blizzard games there’s a lot of information that’s potentially at risk although according to Mike Morhaime, Blizzard President, hackers were only able to gain access to a small amount of data.

“At this time, we’ve found no evidence that financial information such as credit cards, billing addresses, or real names were compromised.” wrote Morhaime. “Our investigation is ongoing, but so far nothing suggests that these pieces of information have been accessed.”

The hack seems to mostly be limited to players on the North American servers and includes answers to personal security questions, Authenticator information and scrambled passwords. Also included in the breached data is a list containing the email addresses of accounts globally with the exception of Chinese accounts.

Unlike some other companies like Sony that kept passwords stored in plain text, Blizzard kept the passwords secure with encryption. Still though, Blizzard recommends that you change your password as well as change it on any other sites you may have used that password on. It’s also a great idea to keep an eye out for spammers sending phishing emails.

While this definitely could have been worse it’s yet another wake up call to never use the same password on multiple sites. Utilities like LastPass and KeePass are great ways to keep yourself more secure online and allow you to create long, random passwords for each site you visit.

Source: Blizzard