Glasses Free 3D Screen for Next iPod touch?

Glasses Free 3D Screen for Next iPod touch? Like the Nintendo 3DS, it seems that Apple could very well be preparing the next generation of iPod touch to sport a 3D display. This could be a huge improvement to the iPod touch, enabling it to provide glasses free 3D content.

According to Japanese blog Macotakara Apple is currently preparing the display to be ready this September in time for the release of the iPod touch 5G. If true, the next iPod touch would sport a 3D screen very similar to the one found in the Nintendo 3DS, allowing you to view 3D games, movies, photos and other content without requiring the use of glasses. In addition to the display it seems that it would also have an added bonus of utilizing the FaceTime camera and likely the motion controls to better cater the 3D effect to you.

There’s no doubt that the iPod touch (and by extension the iPhone) are becoming major players in the handheld console market. Between the relatively low price, the App Store, excellent Retina Display with touchscreen and of course all the other things that the iPod touch and iPhone do so well there’s no doubt that Sony and Nintendo are getting worried. If Apple decides to add 3D to the next iPod touch it certainly would go a long way to making it an even bigger threat. Even though I’m not totally sold on the idea that Apple is going to jump on the 3D bandwagon just yet it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

Source: Cult of Mac


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